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Magnet Pins - NISWA GOLD


Niswa Fashion now offers you essential no-snag magnetic hijab pins. Simply attach both magnets where desired on hijab to lock in place. No more snagged, ripped or torn hijabs with these easy to use pins that feel great too!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Do not have to worry about snags!

    Love these magnet hijab pins. They are really strong and hold my hijab in place with little need to adjust. They are also super cute.

    Mehak Ibrahim
    Amazing product

    These magnets are amazing! I wore a hijab style that required me to use these babies and voila sure enough throughout the wedding I attended I didn’t have any problem. I didn’t even need to adjust my hijab coz the magnets worked like a charm. A must have !

    Fatima Ansari
    Strong and chic

    Really strong magnets! Love that they don’t snag fabric.

    Rabia R
    Cute and Strong Magnets

    I really love the sleek gold look of these hijab magnets. They are strong and an absolute game-changer. You also receive a pair of magnets for a lower price than that of other hijab/modest-fashion retailers.

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