Niswa Fashion is excited to finally share our F/W 2020 Prairie Collection. Each stunning piece can be styled to meet your modest needs. We added up to 15+ unique dresses, tops and abayas perfect for thanksgiving and winter!  Snag your fav today!

Plumeria Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Plumeria Maxi Dress
Fields of Roses Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Morning Glory Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Morning Glory Maxi Dress
$68.00 $85.00
Egyptian Henna Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Egyptian Henna Maxi Dress


It looks as fierce as a blazing summer sun, but feel as gentle as a summer night breeze, Niswa Fashion brings you our new one-of-a-kind Midsummer Nights Collection! Curated with 15+ stunning pieces to fit any occasion, filled with shades and prints perfect for those summer nights!

Iman Wrap Dress - Tea Pink-Niswa Fashion
Iman Wrap Dress - Tea Pink
Seville Layered Satin Gown - Pale Jade-Niswa Fashion
Seville Layered Satin Gown - Scarlet Ruby SALE-Niswa Fashion
Helena Maxi Dress - Taupe SALE-Niswa Fashion
Helena Maxi Dress - Taupe SALE
$45.00 $95.00


Designed in collaboration with the riveting fashion icon, Duha Dallah known as @styledbyduha on Instagram. Niswa Fashion brings you the exclusive collection StyledbyDuha X Niswa Fashion. Each piece was meticulously designed with the utmost detail and precision to meet your style and comfort  Filled with luxe satin, soft tulle and polyester blends we have what you need for your day event or evening soiree.

Ayla Pleated Satin Gown - Emerald-Niswa Fashion
Sold Out
Ayla Pleated Satin Gown - Sunlight Gold-Niswa Fashion
Alanya Layered Tulle Gown - Crimson Red-Niswa Fashion
Alanya Layered Tulle Gown - Black-Niswa Fashion
Alanya Layered Tulle Gown - Black
$75.00 $85.00


Introducing Niswa Fashion’s beautiful Pastel Paradise Collection. Filled with  stunning silhouettes and various styles in a wide variety of shades. Immerse your wardrobe in the eye catching pastel blues, pinks, champagnes of paradise: perfect for your summer soirée! 

Venetian Maxi Gown - Ocean Gray-Niswa Fashion
Ella Maxi Dress - Celestial Blue-Niswa Fashion
Ella Maxi Dress - Celestial Blue
$95.00 $115.00
Celeste Satin Gown-Niswa Fashion
Celeste Satin Gown
$139.00 $145.00
Dakota Jumpsuit - Pink Amethyst SALE-Niswa Fashion


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