Designed in collaboration with the well known lifestyle blogger and fashion icon Saima known as @saimascorner on Instagram. Niswa Fashion brings you the exclusive collection Saima's Corner X Niswa Fashion. Each piece was curated with the utmost care and precision to meet your style and comfort. Filled with a variety of designs in luxe satin, soft tulle and linen blends we have what you need for you to make your next fashion statement.

Willow Pleated Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Willow Pleated Maxi Dress
Saira Eyelet Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Saira Eyelet Maxi Dress
Lulu White Linen Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Amira Front Tie Satin Maxi Dress - Blush-Niswa Fashion
Mila Wrap Tunic-Niswa Fashion
Mila Wrap Tunic
Emelia Satin Wrap Hi-Low Dress-Niswa Fashion
Saima Lace Detailed Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Evangeline Ruffles Top & Skirt Set-Niswa Fashion
Noelle Tulle Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Noelle Tulle Maxi Dress
Amira Front Tie Satin Maxi Dress - Black-Niswa Fashion