Introducing Niswa Fashion’s beautiful Pastel Paradise Collection. Filled with  stunning silhouettes and various styles in a wide variety of shades. Immerse your wardrobe in the eye catching pastel blues, pinks, champagnes of paradise: perfect for your summer soirée!

Venetian Maxi Gown - Ocean Gray-Niswa Fashion
Sold Out
Ella Maxi Dress - Celestial Blue-Niswa Fashion
Celeste Satin Gown-Niswa Fashion
Celeste Satin Gown
Aria Button Down Maxi Dress - Lilac SALE-Niswa Fashion
Katara Maxi Dress - Platinum-Niswa Fashion
Tiers of Joy Maxi Dress - Pearl-Niswa Fashion
Tiers of Joy Maxi Dress - Pearl
From $129.00
Seraphina Maxi Gown - Kashmiri Chai-Niswa Fashion
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Dakota Jumpsuit - Morganite SALE-Niswa Fashion
Dakota Jumpsuit - Morganite SALE
$25.00 $99.95
Sakura Wrap Cardigan Set - Black SALE-Niswa Fashion
Polka Passion Maxi Dress - Yin and Yang-Niswa Fashion
Polka Passion Maxi Dress - Amber SALE-Niswa Fashion
Sold Out
Valentina Maxi Dress - Charming Blush-Niswa Fashion
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Raven Maxi Dress - Shimmery Butter-Niswa Fashion
Eden Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Eden Maxi Dress
Athena Maxi Dress - Honeydew SALE-Niswa Fashion
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Athena Maxi Dress - Honeydew SALE
$45.00 $75.00
Sakura Wrap Cardigan - Dusty Mint SALE-Niswa Fashion
Madeline Skirt - Powder Blue SALE-Niswa Fashion
Madeline Skirt - Galaxy Grey SALE-Niswa Fashion
Madeline Skirt - Galaxy Grey SALE
$28.00 $45.00
Pearl Blouse - White-Niswa Fashion
Pearl Blouse - White
Dalmatian Wrap Cardigan SALE-Niswa Fashion
Dalmatian Wrap Cardigan SALE
$25.00 $55.00
Tokyo Wrap Kimono Abaya - Rose-Niswa Fashion
Tokyo Wrap Kimono Abaya - Chai-Niswa Fashion
Magnolia Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Magnolia Maxi Dress
$85.00 $95.00
Cinderella Satin Tunic - Ivory SALE-Niswa Fashion
Cinderella Satin Tunic - Ivory SALE
$49.00 $75.00
Cinderella Satin Tunic - Powdery Blue SALE-Niswa Fashion
Whimsical Maxi Dress - Ruby-Niswa Fashion
Whimsical Maxi Dress - Misty Gray-Niswa Fashion
Whimsical Maxi Dress - Blush-Niswa Fashion
Sold Out
Les Fleurs Maxi Dress-Niswa Fashion
Les Fleurs Maxi Dress