Interview with StyledByDuha

Interview with StyledByDuha

In the world of fashion blogging, there are many new names taking the reigns and guiding muslim women through tips and examples of the best modest fashion styles. One of these names that's quickly rising through the ranks is Duha Dallah. Duha’s Instagram and new Youtube Channel are filled with styles and posts with a  light and airy aesthetic that are pleasing to the eye yet modest in appearance. She represents and depicts much needed modest fashion for muslim women everywhere. 

After months of deliberation, planning, and designing, Niswa Fashion and Duha Dallah, best known by her instagram handle @styledbyduha, finally created a masterpiece collection for our amazing followers and customers.  Each style, piece and color was chosen with meticulous care and affection. Niswa fashion got up close and personal to explore the person that is behind the creativity of our new collection. 

Niswa Fashion: What inspired your designs?

Duha: My sister Saja, she helped me with most of my designs! She's always up to date on fashion trends!

NF: What does fashion or modest fashion mean to you? How does it affect what you do?

Duha: In my opinion, modest fashion is equal to identity. Fashion is a means of expressing who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in, without having to utter any words. Fashion is so loud that it often speaks for itself, it gives another person a window into your personality. Making fashion relatable to your own views about modesty is in and of itself a statement from you to everyone who sees you. Modest fashion is something I will always be proud of, it’s something I will always aspire to inspire, it’s my voice when I don’t speak, and [that] is capable of reaching young women all across the globe. Thank you so much for giving me this incredible opportunity!

NF: Oh you are very welcome! We were very excited to have you on board in this collab journey.

NF: Moving on, what is your favorite piece from your collection with Niswa Fashion? 

Duha: My favorite piece from the STYLEDBYDUHA X NISWA FASHION collection would definitely be the Ayla Pleated Satin Gown in emerald.

NF: What keeps you motivated and helps you to keep going? 

Duha: My family. My family, they are my number one supporters. They constantly push me and motivate me to keep going at times when I'm not the best version of myself.



NF: What did you or do you struggle the most with? 

Duha: Before modest fashion companies were a thing, it was always so difficult to find clothing that was fashionable and at the same time modest. Us muslim girls are so lucky these days to be able to have such a range and variety of companies to choose from when it comes to dressing modestly!

NF: What’s something you wish to improve in terms of blogging or just life in general?

Duha: I wish to constantly grow and learn new things daily, I hope one day I will be experienced enough to launch my own line.

NF: Inshallah!

NF: Who is your role model?

Duha: My mother. The fashion queen herself. Looking through her old photos always gives me inspiration. Her unique sense of style is something so special.

NF: If you were to give one piece of advice to young girls, muslim or not, what would it be?

Duha: Always stay true to yourself, hold on to your faith and never lose hope no matter how society portrays our faith, constantly remember that the minority is always stronger than the majority.

We absolutely loved our little tête-à-tête with Duha! It so refreshing to get a glimpse behind the blogger we follow on social media. 

Our collection STYLEDBYDUHA X NISWA FASHION is available now on our website! Come explore the five unique styles Niswa Fashion and @styledbyduha have curated for the beautiful women of our community!

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