With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about outfits for your Friendsgiving dinner parties. Aside from dinner parties, it is never too early to start planning for fall fashion ideas because arguably it is the best time of year. Not too cold, not too hot, perfect enough to wear your favorite warm pieces and at the same time be able to show it off outside. Our newest NISWA collection, “Autumn Breeze” offers various dresses each curated in a different material to fit your inner desires.  From rich satin blends to well-crafted chiffon, to exquisite polyester, and rayon materials, each material pairs perfectly with the classic and neutral shade that the new collection brings.

“Autumn Breeze” collection offers a wide variety of satin dresses and gowns that will make your evening or even midnight affair go smooth. For example, The Sehrish wrap maxi dress comes in the most flavorful colors, Carmel, mixed berry, lilac and mint. Being trendy yet stylish, the dress can be worn as is or be styled as an abaya. Designed with a round neckline and relaxed peasant sleeves, there is no other satin dress you would rather pick to fit your modest needs.


For those chai lovers out there, the Avery Lace Maxi dress is offered in two colors “Kashmiri Chai” and “Chai tea latte”. The elegance in this gown truly comes from its finely stitched lace which is layered over a rich satin lining making it an essential formal piece in your modest wardrobe.


The Aliya evening dress will be the perfect statement piece in making your evening memorable. The descending awry sleeves flow flawlessly in creating your perfect red-carpet moment. Designed with a viscose satin material, this dress will give you more confident to slay and be the showstopper at any event.

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