Best Gifts for Daughters, Wives, Mothers on the Holidays

Best Gifts for Daughters, Wives, Mothers on the Holidays

The holidays have already begun, and people are already conversing about where to get gifts from. Keep in mind, the holidays are not only a time to spend with family but it’s also a day to grow, not in terms of height but rather weight. It’s a time to feast as much as you desire before your New Year’s resolution begin, and, in that case, the perfect outfit means one which has enough room to spare you that second cup of hot cocoa. Here at Niswa, we represent a modest yet couture clothing brand which varies on a scale from casual to fancy dresses. What a better occasion to shop from Niswa and buy a gift for one of your close ones than the holidays.

One of our most exciting pieces from our newest collection is the Melanie Embossed Maxi Dress in Cream color. This neutral cream color is the highlight of the dress as it camouflages the floral print lined all over the dress, appealing aesthetically to the naked eye. This neutral cream color can be paired with any light-colored hijab making it the perfect outfit to gift. The dress is made with such elegant features like a cinched stretch bodice on the top and light ruffles on the bottom layer.


Traditionally holiday events are meant to be a more formal affair. This day gives you the perfect excuse to wear a new dress and open your shoes that you have been longing to wear. Gifting your daughter, the Sehrish Wrap Three Piece Top & Skirt Set will make her the talk on the holidays. This dress is not just any regular dress but rather It consists of a voguish twist with a generously cut top and a skirt consisting of large front ties which can be either tied in the front center, side, or the back.


Love your wife so much that you want her to sparkle (literally) on the Holidays? The FairyDust Sequin Dress will be the most dominating feature of her entire outfit as it consists of gold and champagne sequins running horizontally that sparkle beautifully in the light.


The holidays are a chance for us to spend time with family and friends, eat plenty of food and maybe even score huge on deals.

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