Best Travel Friendly Modest Dresses for Muslim Women

Best Travel Friendly Modest Dresses for Muslim Women

Whether you are an Instagram inspired fashionista or someone who prioritizes comfort over anything, here are our top picks on comfort modest clothes yet still fashionable.

The NISWA Maxi and Midi Sweatshirt from our Autumn Equinox Collection come in an array of neutral colors. From chocolate brown, crème, and black of course, the colors are perfect for traveling. These neutral colors pair exquisitely with the simplicity of the NISWA logo design itself, making it difficult to just choose one. When traveling long hours on a plane especially, its best to wear a dark color due to its durability. In more simpler terms, the dark fibers are better at concealing stains and dirt. This stretchy yet warm material will give you the ultimate trendy yet sporty look, ideal for traveling. Match it with a pair of white Nikes and a duffle bag and you might catch yourself on the front cover of Gaya Magazine.


If you are going for an even more modest and fashionable look with full coverage, then the Aminah Zipper Jersey Dress is a must have. This sophisticated design is made with jersey material and comes in our favorite achromatic and chromatic colors giving it a more friendly touch. This dress is an excellent piece if you want to stroll the airport in style and with confidence. This dress will stay wrinkle free throughout your entire trip and save you the hassle of ironing.


A two-piece set is a woman’s favorite essential modest piece in her wardrobe. The ZELDA Cord Hoodie Set is such an authentic twist to a traditional two-piece travel set. Consisting of wide trousers and half-zip pullover hoodie, this set is the supreme combo for a modest yet comfy look.


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