5 Tips on How to Choose your Fabric

5 Tips on How to Choose your Fabric

Hijab is not just an accessory to pair with your attire but rather it is a modest covering which gives a woman a sense of freedom and makes you feel confident enough to make a fashion statement. When going out to buy the perfect hijab, we are posed with this difficult question, “Which one is the most suitable for me?”. In having to answer this question, we must first see the bigger picture, which is none other than the fabric itself. From the most common hijab fabrics like viscose, chiffon, jersey etc., it can be challenging for some to choose the right material. Here are some tips to aid you in finding the right fabric for you in a hijab:

  1. Lightweight

Many people complain that hijabs make them sweaty, hot and, just uncomfortable especially in the summer heat. If you are one of those people, then an airy and lightweight hijab might be the perfect solution. Chiffon is one of the many fabrics that are easy and light to carry on the head, giving it in an unimaginable comfort. Its sheer consistency gives a stellar feeling, despite the different ways you decide to style it. Another thin and breathable material is the rayon hijab akin to silk. This aesthetically soft rayon hijab will give the ultimate comfort and feature a beautiful wrinkle texture

  1. Transparency

There are those days when we decide to dress up and the perfect matching hijab is too transparent and revealing. Many of us despise wearing that under cap under a hijab and would rather have the hijab falling smoothly rather than being tight. Now if the under cap doesn’t a pose a problem then pretty much any hijab will do but for those who simply just like to wear the hijab, then premium cotton is the perfect fabric. This soft material is perfect as it adds some texture through its light wrinkles to hide features that might be too transparent. The modal hijab is truly the best textile in concealing a woman’s hair, adding full coverage.

  1. Texture 

If the consistency is something that concerns you when buying a hijab then you should be considering the different types of textures in hijabs; rough, soft, and even silky textures. The chiffon scarf is rougher, not in a bumpy way but rather if someone were to pull on your hijab then it would be painful on the neck. Whereas the premium cotton scarf, jersey hijab scarf, and viscose scarf have a softer texture to them. Satin or silk not only gives an elegant formal flair but also pairs exceptionally with the soft texture. These alluring hijabs make the perfect blend of texture giving you another reason to buy another scarf.

  1. Non- Slip

Assuming that you're one of those people who are constantly bugged by the hijab moving out of place even with a pin intact, then you should be considering a more non-slip fabric like jersey or viscose. Jersey hijabs are very stretchy and compact so even without a safety pin or magnetic pin, the hijab will stay in place, making it more accessible for everyday wear. This hijab will give the perfect drape look without having to do much work. When wearing a viscose hijab, doubling it might add more protection but regardless of doubling it up, a pin will do the job.

  1. Occasion

The most significant reason in observing different fabrics in hijabs is the occasion, whether it be a for a formal dinner or for everyday use. Satin, modal, chiffon or anything with shimmer and bling are the ultimate fabrics if you are going for a more formal look. These hijabs give a regal look, coating elegantly over a formal attire alike. Viscose, premium cotton and jersey on the other hand, pair flawlessly with everyday outfits as they carry a more casual and simpler look.

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