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Fall into Fashion



As the first month in the new year rolls to an end, Niswa looks back at one of the successful events we had the opportunity of hosting. In collaboration with Slayycollective, the past year, Niswa was able to have a fun and fall filled fashion meet and greet at our Studio.  Our fall event was a great avenue for boss influencers and bloggers to meet and network together, of course while shopping!

 Modest fashion is creating a buzz and definitely moving up the ranks in runways. Although, fashion isn’t just about clothes. It’s about making people feel beautiful and confident in what they wear. It works as a representation of who they are. It’s the total defining quality of personality and it affects individuals in various areas of society; food, beauty, design, social media.

SDK Makeup

So of course, many of Chicago’s amazing influencers like SubeenaZ, SDK Makeup, Wordsbehindasmile, Afrindesigns, FlavoredbyFatima were in attendance to name a few.  We loved to see the three-day event bring together influencers from different backgrounds and connect and enable them to make lasting friendships. Many of the attendees rated the event a 10/10 and look forward to the next one we host at our studio!




Our event was a huge step in bridging the gap between influencers and their subsequent genres. We were able to create a fun (fashion filled!) environment for them to network and also meet their loyal followers. There are pros and cons that we can look at when it comes to how presence on social media makes people feel. One of the best things though, is that it brings people together in one of the best ways possible. Social media creates and enables many social circles. “I definitely loved showing up to the event Niswa and Slayycollective organized,” says an attendee. “It’s like my Instagram came to life and I got to meet so many awesome people and bought some great clothes as well! Meeting them in person helped me get a glimpse of who they are and made me appreciate some of them,” she explained.

We loved seeing how Modest Fashion enables these lovely ladies and how it affects their day to day activities on their social media. To be women, and more importantly, being Muslim women who are leading in respective fields, it is amazing to see these influencers uphold modest values. Niswa was proud and happy to be a part of such an initiative and looks forward to more in the future! Our Niswa Family can hope for many more!

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