Celebrate World Hijab Day With Niswa Fashion

Celebrate World Hijab Day With Niswa Fashion

Born from the imagination of a young American of Bangladeshi origin, Nazma Khan, World Hijab Day invites women from the five continents to wear the muslim scarf (Hijab) for 24 hours. The objective of this International Hijab Day, which will take place on February 1, is to make people understand that wearing the hijab scarf is not a constraint plus it is a way for non-Hijab women to experience the veil 'from within'.

For the 10th consecutive year, Muslims and non-Muslims will be invited to test wearing the hijab. An experience that they will then be led to share together.

The idea behind the World Hijab Day is to fight against the prejudices surrounding the practice of Islam. This gathering is finally an opportunity for those who wish to wear the muslim scarf to do so without any fear and for non-Muslims to understand the reasons why Muslim women wear the Hijab.

Offer a beautiful hijab to a friend you want to invite to this special day to try out how to be a hijab woman for the day. 

Endless colors and hijab fabrics to choose from, head over to Niswa Fashion for a fun shopping experience!

Below is our stunning collection of trendy hijab colors of the season. (Click the photos to shop)

MOON MIST Georgette Chiffon Scarf

MAUVELOUS Crepe Chiffon


FAWN Georgette Chiffon Scarf


SILVER BEACH Crepe Chiffon


CAFÉ AU LAIT Georgette Chiffon Scarf


BLUSHING BASIL Georgette Chiffon Scarf


CANCUN SUN Georgette Chiffon Scarf




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