Introducing our exquisite Marya Embossed Collection Abayas! The embroidery on these abayas are embossed on thin rayon fabric which makes gives a nice shine and fancy look to the garment, making it perfect for any party or wedding occasion! 

    • Wide medium sized flared style sleeves
    • Can be worn closed and open as a kimono
    • Matching belt and hijab included 
    • Sleeves are a little transparent, inner shirt needs to be worn


    Size Chart: 

    Person Height [ft] Person Height [cm] Abaya Size
    4.8 146 50
    5.0 153 52
    5.2 158 54
    5.4 164 56
    5.6 167 58
    5.8 173 60


    Our sizing for Abayas are determined by one's height. 

    Please note: Abayas are made in standard sizes. The longer the abaya the wider it's width. Therefore, this sizing system will require some alteration for people that are tall and slim or short and US size 14+. 

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