Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoots-Niswa Fashion

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoots

Salaams ladies!

We're so happy and proud to be starting our Behind the Scenes feature - a regular column that's going to take you, our Niswa fam, into different parts of our brand and business. We've been taking you along with us on some of our photo shoots on social media, so today, we wanted to show you a bit about what that looks like a little bit more, with some of our team!

Depending on how experienced the model and the photographer is, capturing the right moment and emotion can take some time. Pictured: Sameen from SDK Makeup at the end of our shoot. Sameen is always a blast!

Even changing in and out of clothes, accessories in cold weather temperatures in record time for shot after shot requires focus and concentration and speed. Niki was really great about everything.

But its also a lot of fun and good times. Working together in unity on something always brings people together and we love hiring new faces and women who want to represent modest fashion and be a part of our brand.

While one model is shooting, another is often getting ready for her shooting time. We don't waste a single moment - our shoots are often go-go-go and can last as long as 4 hours without a break. (Photographer: Raz Images)

Shots are not just determined by the product being worn, but also by location and the model herself. A model can take hundreds of photos in the same outfit but in different locations, which later get narrowed down after the shoot for publishing on websites, social media and any other outlets. We also listen to models' opinions and visions they may have as we shoot.

It is often not comfortable: whether it is the position one is physically standing or sitting in to capture an artistic vision or hiking through autumn scapes in heels to get the right look, our models are required to be open-minded tough cookies. Having a vision going into the shoot also helps everyone a lot and we love figuring that out through out the entire process.

The models we select are often comfortable with being themselves on a camera, which can usually unnerve the average customer, however loyal. Sometimes we aim for high fashion looks and sometimes we just want to capture the amazing personalities of the women we work with who always make the shoot so memorable for the entire team. (Beautiful Model in frame: Rimsha Khan, Makeup Artist)

We do work with hijab-wearing women as well as women who do not cover. The ladies who know how to wear it are often creating their own private change rooms on our shoot locations while we help women who are not as familiar with it to style it in preparation for their shoot time. You guys should see some of the photos where hijabs are literally flying off due to high and cool winds!

At the end of the shoot, everyone is thoroughly exhausted but usually content. A successful shoot is creatively rewarding and models often end up with great shots for their portfolio as well as other compensation. We also walk away having made new friends and connections and are often looking forward to the next one (though our next shoot is a video shoot and we are SO excited!! Are you following us on social media? If not, go do it now. @niswafashion)

If there are any particular behind the scenes you want to see or if you liked this one, please leave a comment so we can continue publishing these for you guys. Thanks for reading! See you guys next time!

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